In 1998, my father got started in the cashmere industry in a small shed next to our house. I remember coming home from school with my sisters and running to see our dad in the factory to see what he had created that day. In those first few years, we would help stitch labels in scarves and write to our customers. I was fascinated with the process, from the spinning to the weaving and the dying.

Our humble beginning quickly turned into a successful thriving business, we where upgrading factories every few years and employing dozens of employees. When I finished school in Nepal, I came to Australia to pursue my studies and lost touch of my origin. One day strolling through Sydney, I came across a beautiful boutique selling cashmere scarves. The french owner was selling it in a very high price and I immediately saw an opportunity to sell my fathers cashmere at an affordable price.

And so, Caprus was born, a place for authentic and premium cashmere and wool products at an affordable price.