In 1998, my father got started in the cashmere industry in a small shed next to our house. I have a vivid memory of coming home from school with my sisters and running over to Dad in the workshop to see what he had created that day. I was fascinated with the process, from the spinning to the weaving and the dyeing of the fabric. My love for cashmere grew and took hold in those first few years, as we got more involved in the work by helping stitch  labels in scarves, writing to our customers and learning the ropes.

Our humble beginning quickly turned into a successful thriving business, which saw us upgrade our factory and take on dozens of new employees  including artisans from local community.

When I finished school in Nepal, I came to Australia to pursue my studies and lost touch with the world of Cashmere.

One day  while strolling through Sydney, I came across a beautiful  French boutique selling cashmere scarves. I couldn’t  help but go in and feel the soft, familiar fabric from my younger years but i was discouraged from buying one when i saw how expensive it was. Remembering the family factory and how fascinating the process was, i saw an opportunity to make cashmere more accessible and affordable to more people, while doing more social good.

And so, Caprus was born, a place where customers can get more authentic and premium cashmere affordably and more responsibly.